Goal: Get Back My Pre-motherhood Shape

I am a mother of three and a housewife. Ever since I got married and had children, I kind of lost interest in getting back in shape and monitoring my weight. Taking time off from my 24/7 job means reading the magazines I like collecting or those interesting articles from the internet.

For a while, I was content with this routine until one of our friends remarked on how I gained so much weight. While this did not bother me very much, it made me reflect on the overall status of my wellbeing. I realized that although I do not have sickness of any kind, I cannot say that I feel really healthy.

I decided to try to look for a fitness program that can adjust to my schedule as a mom. I want something light and undemanding, since I am not a workout expert myself. I have tried going to the gym before, but I did not particularly enjoy the experience.

I was surfing the internet and I saw a site on a particular program that boasts of its simple but effective workout plans. The Scott Sonnon blog states of easy-to-follow exercises that can be done in almost any place. There is also a DVD that I can buy so I can do the training in my own house.

I browsed through the list of workouts and they seem simple enough. The plank pull, sit through, spinal rock and table lift can be done on my living room. I have to purchase a kettle bell for the suitcase deadlift and kettle bell bench press.

The program claims to be different by not [overworking l pushing to the limit] their trainees. This is beneficial for me since I have to do home chores and cannot afford to have body pains.

I am going to purchase a Scott Sonnon DVD soon and see how the program will work for me.

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